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Extendable Contact Form

Extendable Contact Form

UPDATES : VERSION 1.5 / Apr 19, 2012

  • Apr 19, 2012 >> Fixed minor security issue that has been caused by Flash player 11.2 which caused modules to stop being loaded correctly.


This module is created in the most efficient way based on OOP standards, which means there’s so much tech and at the same time so much easy to modify.
All of the functionalities are all optional and you can set each one according to your own needs, not only functions but also you can customize the form colors and icons used inside the form or indie the description, in the following we explain more about the details and if you go through the XML files by yourself, you will realize how flexible the module is.

Interesting Note: You can simply embed the module into your HTML pages, simpler than ever! you just set the module SWF and XML files path via Flashvars from your HTML page and you have it! you can simply organize the files in the way that you like and there’s no worries any more.
You can also use it in your flash projects for sure :)

You can find all of the PDF help files and codes and sample files inside your download package.



All of the module features are OPTIONAL , according to your own specific needs… you can enable/disable the toolbar (sharing and printing or disable one at the time and enable the other one), modify color designs and etc…

And for sure all of the form elements and any of the text-in-line modules (youtube/video player, slideshow, image viewer, button, talking avatar) inside your description panel are all optional, in the following we talk about them more.

Great opportunity for you to share your contact details on top social networks, remember that it’s also optional, you can disable the sharing tool.

you can have captcha code, drop down menu, checkboxes (they can be used as radio boxes too) and attachment system are all optional… you can remove them all and have a very simple form with that consisted of 3 fields with the names of: name, email and message…
You can easily change the style or color of elements (elements like checkboxes have been created by an icon PNG file, you can change it and use your own skin). size of each field and their position (whether you decide to put them next or under each other), you can set the data type of each field (for instance if you created a number field, users can only insert numbers inside your field) and so many other options that if you go through the XML file, you will see what are the other options and learn more about each element specific options.

Text-in-line modules made the contact form so magnificent and powerful, You can put different modules inside your text block such as youtube/video player, slideshow, image viewer, button, talking avatar.

And yes for sure you can put your own SWF files too and pass them any parameter that you like from your text block like giving a XML path.

Note: And yes, the sample file and XML file clearly show you how to use text-in-line modules inside your text block.

Text-in-line Video Player Put videos in to your text pages as easy as 123, dynamic skin with customizable colors and icons plus fullscreen ability. you can load videos from your own server or YouTube. it also supports MP4 , MOV and FLV formats when you try to load videos from your server. for sure your HD videos are also supported.

Text-in-line Slideshow Create slideshows inside your text pages. setting up the the text-in-line version of the slideshow is the same as creating it in the slideshow page, have as many images as you like, set X and Y positions for each text seperatly, different text animations and more and more options.

Text-in-line Image Viewer Use the Text-in-line image viewer module for a more efficient way of loading images inside your text blocks. it will resize images and smooth them for you whenever needed. and from now on there’s no worries about animated GIF images, they are supported in our ExtendableTextField :)

Text-in-line Button You can create different buttons with any skin and use them for different functionalities like sharing your page or going to external pages.

Text-in-line Talking Avatar Add text-in-line talking avatar to your text fields. It using the Google ‘Text To Speech’ technology to easily talk to your visitors. you can create multiple links in your text and send the script you want to be converted into voice!


1) Images used in preview are from fotolia.com and sxc.hu and they are not included in the download package instead other images are used.

2) Easy font embedding! you can easily embed your fonts in a brand new SWF file (in the Help PDF files clearly explained how to embed fonts in flash) and add your fonts into the fonts list of the template XML file, now you can use your own fonts anywhere in the template. :)

3) The icons used in the template are all external and you can use your own icons, with your favorite color and design… and yes, the icons PSD files are included in the download package :)