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Extendable Facebook Paypal Shop Template

Extendable Facebook Paypal Shop Template

preview shop: http://doitflash.com/showcase/FACEBOOK_STORE_FRESH/

preview CMS: http://doitflash.com/showcase/FACEBOOK_STORE_FRESH/fcms/ username: demo / password: demo

UPDATES: VERSION 2.1 / Apr 17, 2012

Jan 28, 2012

  • Integration with FCMS V1.0

Feb 13, 2012

  • FCMS V1.0 update / readme files update

Apr 6, 2012

  • updated template sizes according to the new Facebook Timeline page design for your ease

Apr 17, 2012

  • Fixed minor security issue that has been caused by Flash player 11.2 which caused modules to stop being loaded correctly.

UPDATES: VERSION 2.0 / Dec 07, 2011

Nov 12, 2011

  • Updated all text blocks with the TextArea tech of doitflash.com

Dec 07, 2011

  • Multi category support


With our facebook shop, you can easily sell your products directly within your facebook page. It supports both digital and physical products. For digital products, your customers will receive download links after a successful payment. Download links are highly secured and encrypted and work only on a certain time limit that you can set.

You can add as many products as you wish in different categories and for every product you can have a detailed description and in product’s info page.

Besides the products, you can create info pages on the header of the application easily. Everything is nicely organized and controlled through XML files and FCMS (Flash Content Management System). You can not only install this application on your facebook page, but it works as a standalone file also.

  • DoItFlash.com TextArea technology (put modules by calling HTML tags)
  • Main settings and contents can be modified via CMS
  • Standalone usage is also possible
  • customizable color and feel
  • customizable buttons skin
  • unlimited number of pages
  • unlimited number of products
  • unlimited number of categories
  • sell digital and physical products
  • encrypted links for digital products
  • digital products download links expire after a certain period of time
  • set shipping costs for physical products
  • More settings for digital and physical products are available
  • lots of modules are available
  • Customizable products box size
  • Customizable header and footer
  • easy font embedding
  • resizable
  • clean PDF help files, for setting up the template and integrate it into Facebook, step by step

CMS main features

  • Secure Login system
  • add/remove/modify your products
  • add/remove/modify categories
  • add/remove/modify pages
  • Automatic installation
  • Preview info right from the CMS
  • Browsing window
  • 5 minutes PDF instruction on how to install the CMS

modules (call their HTML tag and that’s it!)

  • video player (supports MP4, MOV, FLV, YouTube videos), you can also set Hyperlinks inside your content to change the video at any time.
  • buttons in line of your texts to navigate to external links
  • image viewer, now use “image” tag to resize the images if needed / also supports Animated GIF images
  • talking avatar (automatically lip syncs by giving it a MP3 voice file or just some texts to let it talk)


  • Images used in preview are from fotolia.com and sxc.hu and they are not included in the download package instead other images are used.
  • Easy font embedding! you can easily embed your fonts in a brand new SWF file (explained how to embed fonts in pdf help files) and add your fonts into the fonts list of the template XML file, now you can use your own fonts anywhere in the template.
  • The icons used in the template are all external and you can use your own icons, with your favorite color and design… and yes, the icons PSD files are included in the download package