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Hey Cool dudes

I would have added falling snow in the BG but other than that amazing work.



this is very classy..:)

Nice girls. Talking avatars is good idea – would be cool connect this to online artifical intellect system like A. L. I. C. E. through text-to-speech engine :)

And thanx for sharing link to music in your file description! :sunglasses:

yes, upgrading the avatar to an artificial talking system is in our to-do list :)

and thanks to you for creating that beautiful song Kontramax.

Great file again. :)

Great piece of work

Great template for this xmast and happy newyear! Congratulation!

I want to buy your template, they are not competent higher php, your help is free or with payment?


if you have questions, we provide free answers. but if you need modifications, we do freelancing.

if you have any questions regarding the item, please contact us from our profile page, thanks


thank you all for your kind compliments :)

do not ask for changes to the template ask for help configarare modules php because I’m not able to file php


The template has help files itself and if you read them everything will be easy and clear to you, and as I said we are here to help you on your way if you had any questions about the template php configurations or anything else about it.

It’s a good template !

but if the galleries photos, news and other modules were in full screen, the template would good !

If in the next template the modules are a configuration on full sreen or a size modulable I buy it!

Sorry for my english ! good job !



Ok ! GOOOOD this !

can have a example of full screen for the images gallery?

thanks !


oops, accidentally deleted the comment! please drop us an email and I will attach the screenshot :)


Yes ! Thanks for the screenshot ! fred.lc@free.fr

thank you !

I’m looking to buy one of the expendable template, but will be available to do some modification, I have to add some additional things in this template, do you do freelance work if i buy the template????

Please contact me.


we do freelancing too, contact us from our profile page please.


Cool files, congrats on the feature.


Thanks :)

hobbro Purchased

I still haven’t heard back from you after multiple emails. Is there still support for this file? There is no documentation on how to customize the splash page whats so ever. Its just the same old documentation as the other templates you guys sell. Also the background swf does not come with a fla and there is no documentation in regard to scale etc.