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please advice how to integrate it with Facebook? i’m hopeless to install it on Facebook with the documentation you have provided…

Its very easy to install template on Facebook. Please check following tutorial.

http://www.vectorcoder.com/blog/add-iframe-application-your-facebook-fan-page-%E2%80%93-fall-2012-0 Also please check my application preview on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/VectorCoder/app_414257748625213

I have installed my application on facebook using iframe, so its hosted on my server, please check my hosted application link.


Its hosted on my server so i can update content directly on my server and facebook application gets updated content automatically.

Hello ,

1) Can you please tell me how to only use “order by email” and not paypal ( does it means I can delete all paypal code )

2) What are Logo size ? of ” FS facebook shop”

- “Featured” , “Products catalog”, “Customer support”, and “our blog” images size ?


3) What is the Euro currency and French Language symbols ?

All the best

Hello Alex,

I think you did not check documentation. Your all questions will cleared if you will read documentation carefully. Please read it first.



1 – No need to delete paypal code. You can removed checkout button from xml. Please read instructions here:


2 – You can use any logo size and also check documentation for image sizes, or simply check image sizes from data files.

3 – Set currency symbol in paypal node, according to your need.

Hope all question will answered, but if you will read documentation carefully, your all issues will be cleared.


Hello there,

How can I change following Text in the Template:

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I need to change all text to another language than English, but it seems I cannot change mentioned text ???

Thanks. Br., Henrik

You need to change this text in fla file. Here are simple instructions. - Open fla file in Adobe Flash CS5. - Open library panel by pressing CTRL+L. - Open library folder “StorePage” and some movie clips will shown under it. - Double click on store_page movie clip. - Select store_as layer and press F9, action panel will be opened. - After in action panel on line number 77, you can change this text/label according to your language.

Hello there.

When a customer Add a product to Cart and Check Out, then it re-directs directly to PayPal, BUT how do I as a store owner receive customers Address details, so I can ship the goods???


Sorry for late reply, please open config xml and set following variable “yes” in <checkout><payments> node. Ask_For_Shipping_Address=”YES”

When user will redirect to paypal, paypal site will ask for shipping address before processing order and paypal will send all information to owner email address and in order history.

Excuse me, BUT WHY are you not answering? Thanks…

Sent you a personal message where i am facing issues with this app.

Please help!



In order to add different parameter in checkout option. You need to makes changes in fla. If you are expert in flash then you can change it yourself, otherwise you need to hire expert flash developer.

By the way you can change/add actionscript code by following instructions.

- Go to Library. - Open checkout page folder and open checkout_page movie clip. - Open layer “checkout_as” and then go to action panel. - On 127 line there is function with name check_out_page, you need to add your code here.

If you need to integrate any other gateway, then this application have option to send all cart value to specific php file and you can add your gateway coding there and redirect user to specific gateway. We add this option so someone process order through their site OR add any different gateway easily. So if you want to use this feature, then you don’t need to modify any actionscript code, just enable this option in xml and process cart values according to your needs.

Thanks, Saqib.

When do you add the “option box” to the item? I’d like to have it to buy your shop.

Secondly, one important thing not detailed here is the import solution. Do we need import pic/item 1 by 1? Or do we just upload everthing @FTP & set an xml file for import?

Or nothing has been set to import, please add this too as the checkbox, list option for size etc.

I’m waiting for that. Regards

Options box been added or not yet ?

You need to upload all pics file on ftp and set path in xml file. For any enhancement you need to hire us and payed for it. Thanks.

Hi, Very nice work I love the look and feel its brilliant.

I have some products that will work through Paypal and others that needs to redirect to a URL or to Amazon can it be done? :bigsmile:

Yes we can do these changes and charge $100. You can contact us through profile page.