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How can i make the component stop?

Put the line below where fairies_MC is the instance name of the fairyLights component.

For AS2: clearInterval(fairies_MC.intervalID);

For AS3: clearInterval(MovieClip(fairies_MC).intervalId);

I keep getting an error on compilation: Implicit coercion of a value

You need to turn off the strict mode on the publish settings.

Go to file>Publish Settings>Actionscript 3 settings… and then uncheck the strict mode

Can i access or modify the code?

YES! This is not a compiled component you can access the code by editing the component.

How can i change the fairy symbol?

Edit the fairy_MC movie clip from the assets folder in the library.

Where do i find the inspector window?

Go to Window and select Component Inspector or press Shift + F7 on your keyboard.

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