In the series of objects falling from the sky: Falling Hearts! Perfect for any valentines card or other occasion

The file is really small, only two kb, and is easy to manage! More importantly; there’s a lot to customize! You can set the:

  • Dimensions of the field on which you want to display falling hearts
  • Minimum and maximum object size
  • Minimum and maximum alpha level of the hearts
  • Minimum and maximum movement speed
  • Minimum and maximum rotation speed
  • Amount of hearts falling at once
  • The objects that are falling! (if you would want to include different hearts, for example)

All actionscript is commented, so it’s very easy to change all of the above.

If want only a part of your stage to display the hearts – no problem! A mask is automatically created that will make sure no hearts are shown outside the width and height you define!


If you’re trying to costumize something, but you’re not quite succeeding, or you just want me to make a few changes for you, you can always contact me!

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