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File Manager FX

File Manager FX

A function packed Web-based File Manager FX v 3


  • Upload and Download web application
  • Multi-user file management
  • XML Export of file structure for Front-end – unique for every user

Directory tree:

  • Advanced Directory/Files Tree component
  • Directory creation and modification including delete

File browser

  • Thumbnails for Image preview
  • Delete multiple Files
  • Rename files
  • File type Filter function
  • Overall file size
  • Download file feature
  • Drag’n Drop file move
  • Send Mail notifications on Upload, Download or Remove
  • with customizable view incl. file name, size, modification time, permission, thumbnail

Multi-file uploader

  • A working web-ftp solution for all your uploads
  • Select more files at one, and insert them into the upload queue to upload to the desired WWW location
  • Progress showing indicator

File Editor

  • Edit your files on the fly with syntax coloring
  • Syntax coloring supports most known languages, such as XML, HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, Java, Python, C, AS and so on
  • Save edited files back to the server within the application

Login system

  • Authentication thru php_session
  • Password checking from MySQL DB also included

User administration

  • Built in back-end panel for adminstration of users
  • Add, edit or remove users from system
  • Configurable settings for each users:
    • Max upload limit – set the maximum MByte size a user can upload
    • Permissions – user admin or simple user
    • Set multiple Root directories for each user with separate write or read permissions
  • Edit the language of the application from a single XML file – translate to any language
  • Install script included for DB setup

    Easy setup, PHP scripts included (version 4), should run on all basic hosting servers.

    A practical WebFTP solution with dynamic uploading and easy usage. Use it as a repository, manage files on your server, or add it as a file manager component to your CMS

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    check out at: FileManager FX v3