This preloader is incredibly simple to use, just open up the .fla and using the well mentioned “drag’n’drop” technique, drag the preloader movie clip in to your project and place on the first frame. Everything is contained within this one movieclip and will be copied to your own project library.

You can change the fill colour to whatever you like by opening the ‘fill’ movieclip. The easiest way to do this is double click on the ‘fill’ movieclip in the Library panel. You can then select the rectangle and change it to whatever colour you like!

Opens in Flash 8 and above.

Update – 25/8/08

So there is a stupid mistake in the coding which plays a crucial part in the preloader. At the bottom of the preloader code it says:

if (this.alpha == 0)

it should read..

if(this.alpha <= 0)

Sorry for the inconvenience


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