Fine Art Gallery - Flash Web Template

Fine Art Gallery - Flash Web Template

This highly customizable and totally unique Flash web template can be modified to suit any creative need. The best part is that you don’t even need Flash!

This parallax Flash gallery makes the users feel like they’re in your world, not just on some website – they’re actually taking a stroll right through the life-like scenes you create.

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There are just too many features to list, but here’s a start:

  • Customizable without Flash (see the full list of what you can customize below)
  • It’s hooked up with Google Analytics
  • Smooth scrolling, regardless of page width
  • Deep linking (unlike most Flash websites you can link right to a page)
  • Custom page titles for every page (for SEO)
  • Video player
  • MP3 player
  • Contact page
  • Unlimited rooms
  • Practically unlimited room width (it works fine at 100,000px wide)
  • Fits fine in all popular screen sizes
  • Includes dozens of ready-to-use icons, including Facebook and Twitter
  • OOP (object oriented programming)
  • All source included
  • Well commented code
  • PSD included
  • Can handle special characters (ñ, ú. ö)
  • Detailed user guide


This Flash template is so customizable that you could turn it into just about anything! In the preview I made it an art gallery, but you could turn it into a city street, a bedroom, a restaurant, a wedding, or a Christmas scene. Instead of having it be a side view, you could make it an aerial view looking down. You don’t need to make it a scene at all. You could just add all of your images side by side, like I did in this simple portfolio example. Why not use it to scroll through a 360 degree panorama? The possibilities are limitless!

What can I customize in the XML?

Just about everything is customizable. Here’s the list of everything you can edit in the XML without having any Flash knowledge at all:

  • Which page you want to use as the landing page
  • The tiled background images
  • The SWF’s and images on the wall
    • X and Y positions
    • Whether there’s a shadow
    • Whether there’s a spot light
    • Links to URL’s or detail pages
  • The SWF’s and images in the foreground
    • X and Y positions
    • Whether they use automatic blur
    • Whether they should be cached as bitmaps (for performance reasons)
  • All colors
  • All icons
  • All page titles (for better SEO)
  • The logo
  • The size and position of the room and menu
  • The width of each room
  • All text, including on rollover
  • The items in the menu
  • How much you want the room to sway on mouse move (to give it perspective)
  • Music player settings
    • Autoplay
    • Start volume
    • Song URL
    • Icon
  • Video Player Settings
    • Size
    • Auto play
    • Colors

Customizing the Detail Pages

It’s not just the rooms that are totally customizable – you can do just about anything you want on the detail pages as well. Most Flash web templates give you specific page types. For example, you could have a text + image page type or a video page type. We threw that right out the window and created a freestyle page type. What does that mean? It means you can add as many of the following to one detail page as you want:

  • video players
  • images
  • SWF’s
  • fullscreen images
  • CSS text areas
  • scrolling text areas

Not only that but you can position and align them however you want. For example, you could have a video player in the top left, an image in the center, and another image in the bottom right!

Technical features

There are a lot of cool features you can see, but the most exciting things are going on under the hood.

The Scrolling System

For example, go to this page and use your scroll wheel to go from one end of the room to the other as fast as you can. Did you notice how it didn’t drop a frame, even though the room is several thousand pixels wide and has dozens of images attached, some even using live shadows and blurs? That’s because behind the scenes it chops the entire room up into bite sized pieces and only makes visible what’s within the boundaries of the screen. If it’s not on the screen, it might as well not exist. That’s how it runs so smoothly regardless of how complex your rooms get.

Deep Linking

Have you ever gotten ten pages deep into a Flash website and clicked the back button only to realize that it took you to the last HTML page you went to? We’ve all done that and it makes us crazy. Don’t worry, this web template uses deep linking, so not only can you use the back and next buttons exactly how you’d expect, but you can also use direct links, and even have custom page titles.

The Spotlight

You’d think adding a spotlight to the wall images would be easy, but it’s not. I don’t want to give away too much, but let’s just say it’s a whole lot more complicated than just adding a semi-transparent radial gradient behind the images.

The Assets

Note:This preview uses many assets (photos, backgrounds, music) and not all are included in the download.

Here’s what’s included:

  • All the Flash, including source
  • The piecemaker 3d gallery
  • All the paintings
  • A big thanks to for wallpaper background, door, several paintings, and the statue.

Here are the ones that are not included:

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