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Fireworks AS3 Class

Fireworks AS3 Class


With this Fireworks AS3 class you can set all these different settings :
  • the colors to use : mix as many colors as you want in the same firework when most of the fireworks you find elsewhere can only have one color
  • set the number of particules
  • the force of the wind
  • the duration of the fly
  • the duration of the blow
  • the duration of the fade-out
  • the blowing radius
  • the rocket fire-up angle
  • choose between 2 types of fireworks graphical rendering
With those settings, it’s easy to have an animated background which does NOT looks like a boring repetition of the same images

What you get in this item pack:

  • AS3 class file
  • user manual (including the full action-script code of the demo in case you don’t have a recent enough version of Flash to open it)
  • demo.fla (open with CS5)
  • demo.swf
  • demo.html

Preview SWF size: 55kb

If you need a firework sound to pair-up with this item, I recommend this one: