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Flash Background Color Splash and Preloader

Flash Background Color Splash and Preloader

This Flash Background Color Splash Effect allows you to add a splash of color to any PNG / JPG / GIF image, logo, or MovieClip. This animation creates impressive effects for any visual element.

  • 5 different Animations types, including ColorWheel, random, black to white, white to black, and random grey (view each effect in the preview file by clicking the buttons on the bottom)
  • easily target which movieclip to apply the effect to
  • easily change the size of the color splat animation

Example of class call
var paintSplashInstance:paintSplash = new paintSplash(instancename, “colorWheel”, 8);

Download Includes:
  • Drag and drop flash file for both preloader and basic example
  • external class actionscript file
  • preloader external class actionscript file.
  • detailed help file

Resources use: Tweener for smooth animations

Please remember to rate the file, and if you have any questions at all about the file, I am more than happy to help. I take great pride in providing excellent support for all my files.

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