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Flash Charts Package Interactive/AS3/XML

Flash Charts Package Interactive/AS3/XML

You can configure faster all the charts directly from their XML files. You can change

  • Add the series as you want, define their names, colors, thicknes, dark and light colors for gradient
  • Add periods as you want, define their names
  • Add the paragraphs as you want. Define for each one, alignment, weight, color, font size, position, width (height is calculated automatically), text
  • Position of charts, legends, titles and texts
  • width and height of the charts
  • width of legends and texts
  • color of the lines, points, areas, pies or bars
  • legends visibility
  • color and thickness for lines
  • tooltip background and texts colors
  • decimals for values and percents
  • time for openning and moving
  • openning synchronized or not

This package includes

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