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Flash High Score System - 4 Ways to Display - PHP MySQL

Flash High Score System - 4 Ways to Display - PHP MySQL

A High Score system has been proven to increase the hits of Game. Why? Because Highscores gives a ‘Pace Maker’ effect making players become enthusiastic about the game to try and beat other players.

  • Scores are submitted securely and I have written an Anti-Tamper mechanism which relays the score between flash and PHP to check and double check the original score!
  • Security measure to remove MySQL injection
  • Detailed documentation explaining in steps how to install the system.
  • All ActionScript and PHP have useful comments explaining how the script works.
  • 4 Different ways of displaying the Scores
  • Easy Installation, customisation and maintenance

Files Included

  • columntextfields.fla
  • datagrid.fla
  • highscoredemo.fla
  • individualtextfields.fla
  • highscoredemo.fla
  • config.php
  • hsfuncs.php
  • install.php
  • Admin Panel Files
  • Layout Images
  • Documentation Folder
Admin Panel Details:
  • Password: changeme
  • Pin: 1111

Example Game Not Included

Other Files:

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