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Flash Horizontal Menu with Graphics

Flash Horizontal Menu with Graphics

This flash horizontal menu is great for any site or flash project. It can be used as the navigation on any website and is super easy to use and setup. The main function of this menu allows you to add graphics and text with your links. If you want to use it in your flash file just drag and drop it. If you don’t know Flash and you are linking to several webpages, use the provided swf and XML file and you don’t even have to open up Flash.

Special Features:

Customizable by XML
  • Easily change the width and height, and a special javascript function handles the resizing in the browser
  • No need to even open the flash file, unless you want to use it in another Flash project then its just drag and drop
  • Easily change the font color and the hover color
  • Easily change the font size and font type
  • Easily add graphics with text
  • Easily change the positioning of the text
  • Easily change the space between items and navigation padding on the left to easily center it
  • Handles most html tags for even more customization
  • Add as many items as you want

A Flash file, an example file, and help file are all included.

Screen shot of the xml file:

Please remember to rate the file, and if you have any questions, just shoot me an email at scottrockers[at]gmail.com.

Resources Used:
Social Media Icons
WooFunction Icon Set
PixelMixer Basic Icon Set 2

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