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hi sandeephagat, for setting PayPal account, open fla source, in Layer actions line 9 and 10 just enter your paypal email and your currency.
sorry for late answer, we were away from desk last few days ;)

Great app! Just one question, How can I find oout the buyers address details after they have purchased? Is there a paypal trick that you can show me please???

hi 1nspired, i wrote you about this in detail per email, if you need more question, let us know.

Is that possible to have this script with tree undercategories and scroll bar


instead of 1/3 2/3 3/3 ???

Do I get the FLA file?

How much costs the RESALE LICENCE ?

Best regards!

Next question:

Whats the monitor behaviour of this script? 1: 1 ?

I mean, there are 10” monitors, 15” monitors, 22” monitors etc. Is that possible to have/create a relation of 1:1 no matter what kind of monitor, so that the SWF /HTML always occupys the available monitor size and not more than the available monitor size?

Hi Alex, for any freelance project you can conatct support[at]nhstudio.de, write them also in detail like your recent posts, they write you back about the time and price for doing this.

Great file. Everything looks straight forward, just one snag I didn’t see if anybody asked this yet or not, I know where to change the currency, however I’m not sure what the currency code should be… for Canada, would it be CADollar? Thanks

Hi there,
open fla file>actions Layer>line10,11:
lvSend.business = “YOUR PAYPAL EMAIL ”;
lvSend.currency_code = “CAD”;