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Flash Shoutcast Player V2.0

Flash Shoutcast Player V2.0

::: Important Update on 08.02.2010 :::
Download File already updated ShoutcastPlayer in 6 most requested modes:

• Shoutcastplayer Transparent 300×150 Original functions
• Shoutcastplayer Transparent 300×150 noAutoPlay
• Shoutcastplayer Transparent 300×150 noAutoPlay&SongHistory
• Shoutcastplayer Transparent 300×150 AutoOpenSongHistory
• Shoutcastplayer Transparent 300×150 Ticker_only_Left_to_Right
• Shoutcastplayer Transparent 300×150 Autoreset_each_30Min

::: Global Requirement :::
• PHP Server
• Radio Port should be allowed under your server, ask your Host about this.
• This doesn’t support Icecast Radio
• This Player needs a Steam Shoutcast Radio in MPEG format

::: Important Update on 16.08.2009 :::
• PHP Code Modification, make this compatible with both PHP4 and PHP5 server

This is a Fully Dynamic Compact Shoutcast Radio Player with special design and functionality.
• the Song Title from their server and show it in Panel Ticker during Play
• This needs a PHP server.

What’s new in this Player?
• New Compact design with more functions
• Song History List that shows the last Ten played Song
• Dynamic Radio Logo via XML
• Real time contact with Shout cast Server for Optimizing the Bandwidth usage

If you are not sure about you radio Channel format, send us the URL address/es before Buying this, We’ll check this for you!

ShoutCast or IceCast Server?
What is the difference between ShoutCast and IceCast?

Good to know before your Purchase
• Player needs a server with PHP support
• Player doesn’t support Shoutcast V2.0
• Player support only MPEG Streams, no AAC/AAC+ support