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Flash XML Editor Version 2

Flash XML Editor Version 2

The inventor of the original Flash XML Editor is back! Version 2 represents over one year of YOUR feedback as well as six months of design, planning, and development. Built completely new from the ground up, Version 2 reinvents the game again by focusing on two main goals: Tons of features for developers and ease of use for end-users. Developers will enjoy features from multiple file uploading to the ability to completely create and deploy your own custom interfaces. End users will also enjoy editing their files inside of the clean, user friendly environment. With version 2, it is possible to set up a customized Content Management System for any XML driven website literally within minutes!

New Features in Version 2

- Add and Edit Unlimited XML Files
- Admin and user level login
- Fully configurable tabbed menu
- Upload and Download XML files
- Batch file uploading
- Create new XML files from scratch
- Automatic recognition of node data
- Image resizing and cropping
- MP3 support
- MD5 password security
- Module-based interface structure
- Visual attribute editing
- XML formatting is retained
- CDATA tags are automatically recognized and maintained
- Can edit AS2 or AS3 websites
- and more…

Features Still There from Version 1

- Instant Content Management for any XML driven website!
- Edit, format, and save any XML file on your website!
- Easy to use interface
- No database to setup and maintain
- No confusing and bulky CMS or backend
- Install in just a few minutes!
- Website owners: take control of your website content
- Stop paying for every small change!
- Developers: save time and add instant value to your websites!
- Easy to setup on new and existing websites
- Upload new images and videos to your website, and have the location automatically saved to your XML document
- Compatible with PHP (PHP – enabled Server Required)

Custom Interfaces Available

Made an awesome custom interface and want to share it with the world, or have you made a custom editing interface for your one of your files? Email me and I will feature a link here.

Want to stay up to date on the latest updates and custom interfaces available? Email me with the message “add to list” to be added to my email list.

Full Userguide Here

Updated 07/07/09 – All CDATA is done automatically now and is hidden from the user. This makes for easier editing for non-saavy end users and should fix any previous formatting problems.

Updated 06/30/09 – Image, Video, Sound buttons added, Login made even more secure, proprietary Flash Textformat tags removed, automatic CDATA if HTML text has been added