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Flash XML Editor

Flash XML Editor

Updated 6/15/2008 – Bug fix and combobox version added!

Instant content management for any XML – driven website!!

- Edit, format, and save any XML file on your website!
- Easy to use interface
- No database to setup and maintain
- No confusing and bulky CMS or backend
- Install in just a few minutes!
- Website owners: take control of your website content
- Stop paying for every small change!
- Developers: save time and add instant value to your websites!
- Easy to setup on new and existing websites
- Upload new images and videos to your website, and have the location automatically saved to your XML document
- Instantly links to your images and video folders, upload to or select any file form those folders
- Built in login with name and password
- Compatible with PHP [requires a PHP enabled server]
- Easy to customize defaults using FlashVars
- Includes full PDF user guide

Check out The XML Editor in action

Additional Notes: If you have a problem saving your XML file, make sure that the XML file and folder have the permissions to do so. If that doesn’t work, ask your hosting company!

Also, if you are missing the Tempesta Seven Font, it is a free font available at DaFont.com