Flash XML Shop Multi Payment

Flash XML Shop Multi Payment

:::: UPDATE ON 10.02.2009 ::::
Modification the Total Price Calculation script in Confirmation Email
Sorting the Order List in Confirmation Email

This is a Flash XML Shop with PayPal & Bank Account Payment options, specially made for Clothes.
Product List , Sizes , Colors, description Texts , price and photos are all dynamic and initialize from an XML file. then you can update it very easily.

About this Shop Options:
- Set shipment price on your Total Order
- Set Shipment Free Limit on your Total order
- Set different Colors and sizes for each Product
- No limit on Product Numbers
- and many more …

What’s new in this Shop?
- Set different prices according to Product Sizes
- Multi Payment options:
1. PayPal need a normal paypal account
2. Bank Acconut payment with PHP form
- Show a sample of Product in Navigation menu
- Support 8 different Colours and 5 size for each Product, that combination of these brings to you a large possible collection

Bank Payment Method needs a PHP server, check an Online version of this shop on my server: