Flash XML Template

Flash XML Template

::::::::::::::::::::::: Update on this file – 11.06.08 :::::::::::::::::::::::
- Under shop session, after each payment, cart will be empty automatically to preventing from send an empty cart to paypal website.
- Movie Gallery also updated with a FLV Player component instead of Video Object for a better performance on Big Movies.
Flash XML Template V1.0 created with Flash8 and powered with XML, PHP and PAYPAL Cart.
All session contents are dynamic and initialize with xml files. You can update each session content very easy, just by updating the external XML files!

Template details:
- Home
- About Us
- XML Paypal Shop with Login system
- XML Photo Gallery with Category
- XML Movie Gallery with Category
- XML News
- Links
- PHP Contact Form with Autoresponder
- XML MP3 Player

on Flash Library, you will find a good categorization with seperate folders and names for each session to bring the Maximum comfort during update, something like this:
- MainMenu Movieclip that includes the main menu and all functions
- LoginSystem folder that includes all movieclips and function of this session
- NewsSession folder that includes all you need under your news
- PhotoGallerySession folder that includes all movieclips and functions of Photo Gallery
- MovieGallerySession folder that includes all movies and functions of Movie Gallery
- ContactForm folder that includes all form elements and functions
- MP3PlayerMC movieclip that holds our mp3 player
- GalleryButtons folder that includes all Gallery Buttons and effects
- etc…
- On Shop session, after login we load an external flash to template

If you need more Information about this Template, check Online_help of this file:
File includes a complete help file for customizing all sessions in details
PSD source is available

With special Thanks to Flashden members who share their Images, MP3 and FLV for free useage;)