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FlashShop V.2.0

FlashShop V.2.0


27 Apr 2011

  • Fixed little bug with Hand cursor in Zoom View
  • CurrencyFormat changed from 1,000.00 to 1.000,00

8 Nov 2010

  • 3 versions of the File AS Instance, HTML Version and Plugin (SWF version).
  • I fixed a little bug with the Popup windows
  • Shipping by Country or Region
  • FlatShipping, Now you can set a a flat value for your shipping rate so that it doesn’t matter how many products are bought, the shipping is the same
  • Search Engine improved

23 Feb 2010

  • Now add categories and subcategories. As many as you want.
  • The product features can have their own price. Eg. you can have a T-shirt in White and Black color, so you can add a price for each color (White +10.00 , Black +20.00)
  • Message confirmation after sending the Order.


FlashShop allows to display a products group in an elegant and attractive way. Also, it can become a virtual store easily that use PayPal to make payments.
It can be customize completely via XML, including texts, functionality and layout.


ActionScript: 3.0 version only.
Flash IDE: CS3 or higher.
Flash Player: Flash Player 9 or higher


  • Two ways of Payment PayPal or Order Form.
  • Full XML Driven.
  • HTML tag support using CDATA.
  • Custom Texts
  • Elegant and Fluids transitions with TweenLite
  • Unlimited products
  • Custom Product Size
  • Custom colors
  • Optional Product Counter
  • Discount feature for each product
  • Search Engine using Tags and product names.
  • Unlimited Categories
  • Product Specification. e.g Color, Size, etc. You can add as many as you need.
  • Color detection for color Feature.
  • Optional Shipping Charge
  • Optional VAT ( TAX )
  • Optional Discount for each Product
  • Optional Terms And Conditions Option
  • Shipping cost by product or by country
  • Resizable
  • Classes Package Included
  • User Guide in English / Spanish

    • Fonts used in this file can be founded here:

      You can see User Guide (English) here
      You can see User Guide (Spanish) here

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