Flash-Tunes v1.0 is a powerful XML driven Mp3 Player with Coverflow. It has a unique Fluid Flash Layout which resizes to the users browser. It was designed to be used as a discography for artists/bands. The maximum album number is around 20 depending on your computer speed. It is easy to set up and doesn’t require Adobe Flash or any web design knowledge to use. It works using XML files which can be edited using notepad or similar program, you’ll be set up in minutes.

FILE Features
• Fluid Flash Layout, style for any resolution
• 3D Coverflow album art
• Full Vector graphics for easy editing
• Streaming mp3’s with preloader
• Tracklist with auto scroll
• Reflection with blur
• Mouse tips
• Comes with help file and fully commented FLA

XML Features
• Change players highlight colour (Mouse over colour)
• Works off individual artist/album folders
• Auto reads coverart and tracklist location
• Individual artists/track names for compilations (See Chillout)

Comes with full support and help. Visit us at www.flash-zone.com or www.flash-zone.co.uk

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