Flex Advanced XML Banner Rotator

Flex Advanced XML Banner Rotator

An advanced banner and text rotator with thumbnail support and customizable transitions

For non-developers, a precompiled, ready to upload folder is already provided, you’d only need to configure the XML . Just upload to your favorite webhost and enjoy!

Application features:

  • custom preloader
  • thumbnail support with horizontal or vertical orientation
  • remote image loading; load your images residing in other webhosts
  • basic HTML markup for text; tags such as <b>, <p>, <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, <a>, <i>, etc
  • smooth customizable transition animations
  • can support any number of images
  • easy to read source code
  • compiled code provided; not a developer? No problem! You can still easily use this image gallery
  • XML configurable

Stuff easily configurable through XML : *A sample XML is included along with explanations of ALL fields & all their possible values

  • thumbnail size, color, orientation and alignment
  • transition effect type and duration
  • rotation length
  • description title and text
  • description background color, alpha & alignment
  • image urls & links