Flex Reflection 1.0 - ActiveDen Item for Sale

•Flex Reflection 1.0 is a Flex MXML component which helps you to create reflection effect to objects (Image, Controls, text, etc);
•It updates in real time which means the target of the component can be animation and any other interactive objects;
•Unlilmited reflection effect can be added by specifying a unique target for each of them;
•You can change the properties for the reflection by simply changing the attributes when you invoke this component in MXML ;
•Installation is as easy as copying and pasting the MXML file into you src folder and invoking it.
Try to click and drag the image to see the reflection updating in realtime.
Note: the declared file size is for the preview file you see above. The actual component will be much smaller.
If you have any problems regarding to this file don’t hesitate to post your question on the item page.
You may also contact me through email: chenyang3@hotmail.com

Good luck using the file in your projects!
The problem with the preview has been fixed. Thanks to those who helped to test the file