The FlipDisplay Component is a full customizable eye-catcher for your movie clip, image, banner, logo, photo, label, teaser, sticker, or every other Flash-object you want to animate with a flip-effect.
The FlipDisplay is an ActionScript 3 Flash-Component you can implement into any existing Flash- or Flex-application.

Take a look at the preview examples to see how the FlipDisplay Component works.

Features of the FlipDisplay Component:

  • Supported media formats are jpg, png, swf, from url or library object.
  • Play MovieClips from library with animated or static content.
  • You can use any freeform with transparent png, swf or flash movieClips.
  • Use every size you want with many types of alignements.
  • Simple copy and paste the FlipDisplay Component to your existing Flash application.
  • Full customizable with the Flash component inspector or with ActionScript 3 (see the list below for all editable properties).
  • All properties can changed and animated interactive with ActionScript (many examples with source code are included in the application package).
  • Animated flip-in- and/or flip-out-effect or still flipped position with no animation.

List of all editable properties of the FlipDiplsay Component in the Flash Component Inspector:

For more information see the full documentation: FlipDisplay.pdf