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cool, good to see some more flash games here :-)

Thank you

Will work on more games

Enjoy the day

Thank you for your response

i got a score of 945 :) – 1st go

this is my score 1059 :P

mine 1014.. :D

satya..how u define the score?

3516- you get higher scores by holding in the jet button, right arrow.

satya, is the code commented and structured nice so I can understand how it all works? I want to try ans add fuel, shooting and bombing for fun. What’s that eighties arcade game… vangaurd, and another named…. scrabble or similiar…. I have it on Vectrex somewhere, ha.


Yes the code is very simple and very easy to understand.

Anyone can easily modify the code as its all in one place on a frame.

You can make this game powerful like you want.

I thought of adding all those functionalities. But was not sure if someone will buy that with full functionality for high cost.

You can buy this and I am there to help you if you have any query

thanks in advance great days enjoy

You put a lot of weight on the jet :)) lift lift throttle.

This is a great file! I was able to replace graphics, adjust scores and even add an object that increases score.

Thanks for posting this game!

Here is a link to my customized version :)

4863 on the customized version :P

Cool game, but should have the ability to go backward too or the screen should catch up to you if you speed up too far.

Thank you all.

Hi Goodzilla,

good work keep it up

Thank you

Hi, awesome game! Very easy to customize too! I was wondering how you adjust the actionscript to increase the score when hitting certain objects reather than having to start over? Like how this customized version of your game works…


Thanks in advance.

When I open the .FLA file in Flash CS5 , don’t make any changes and publish it as .SWF the score doesn’t work anymore. Also when I save the .FLA as CS4 project, the score doesn’t work anymore. How come? Please help


Because in flash cs4 and cs5 adobe has introduced compulsory embedded fonts. You have to embed fonts in flash cs4 and cs5 to work correct.


Thx. Problem solved