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Flying Characters Intro

Flying Characters Intro

A cool site intro. :)

Available Formats

1. Flash 8 + AS2
2. Flash CS3 + AS2
3. Flash CS3 + AS3


Keep Looping the words without any skip intro and enter button. This version is only in AS2.

XML Settings

1. speed – speed of animation – greater the speed, slower the animation
2. count – minimum number of characters that should be showed while making up the animation. The number of characters are automatically counted depending on the lines loaded from xml… but if they cannot set up the minimum number of characters then more are added
3. changedelay – delay to perform before showing each word
4. gap – gap between the characters
5. framenum – frame number to go to, when the “skip intro” or “enter” button is pressed
6. xscalespeed – horizontal scaling speed of the characters
7. yscalespeed – vertical scaling speed
8. rotatespeed – rotation speed of the characters
9. randomscale – random scaling to be applied to the characters
10. oldeffectscaleamount – scaling amount for the old effect
11. oldeffectrotateamount – rotation amount for the old effect

All these settings can also be controlled from within action script. But, the settings given via xml override the ones in the action script.

For changing the dimensions of the intro, an example is shown in the FLA file. Please refer the second layer.

You can easily change the event that is triggered when button is pressed and intro is over. Modify the “showcontent” function the way you want. It is given on the top of the “intro” action script.

Action script and XML file are well-commented.