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This is a horizontal menu with flying pixels on mouse over. Its appearance can be changed easily by using xml. See the 4 examples in the preview, that how I used the xml to change the appearance and serve the purposes.

I can give a flash 8 version of this file. Please send me an e-mail after you purchase. :)

Add as many buttons as you want.
1. Different logos, flags, numbers or shapes can be put on each button. You can use the pixels to design anything just by xml. Please see examples 3 & 4.
2. Each button can be given a different look and feel.
3. Each button’s pixels can be changed separately.
4. Links can be assigned to be opened in a targeted window or frame, to each button.
5. Colors of the pixels and the text for each button can be changed.
6. Texts can be given blank if we just want to use the shapes.
7. Animation speed can be controlled.
8. Gaps between pixels and buttons can be controlled.
9. Scattering area for the pixels can also be controlled.
10. Number of pixels horizontally an vertically can be changed.
11. Width and height of the pixels for each button can also be changed.

How to use:
Drag & Drop the “menu folder” in your project’s library. Then change the xml to give the menu the look and feel you want.

You can control these settings via xml (“settings” node) or action script (given on the top in “menu” symbol).
1. buttongap – gap between each menu button
2. showdelay – # of frames to wait before each button
3. pixelsXperbutton – # of pixels horizontally, to show in button
4. pixelsYperbutton – # of pixels vertically, to show in button
5. pixelwidth – each pixel’s width
6. pixelheight – each pixel’s height
7. pixelgapX – gap between in each pixel horizontally
8. pixelgapY – gap between in each pixel vertically
9. randomdelay – random delay that occurs in showing each pixel for button
10. scatterX – scatter width for the pixels horizontally
11. scatterY – scatter height for the pixels vertically
12. pixelrotation – amount of pixel rotation while animating
13. pixelalphaspeed – alpha speed when pixel shows – greater the speed slower the animation
14. pixelmovespeed – pixel move speed when animates – - greater the speed slower the animation
15. pixelcolor – pixel color – each pixel color for a particular button can be defined via xml
16. textcolor – text color for buttons
17. link – the link url to open when the button is pressed
18. target – target frame or window name

Setting 1 & 2 are the global settings while settings from 3 to 18 can be assigned to each button.

Please see the 5 xmls attached with the file, for reference.




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