full screen resize align pattern swf picture

full screen resize align pattern swf picture - ActiveDen Item for Sale



There are:

Four extracted code segments

they contain JUST the code for:

  • loading picture
  • loading external swf
  • loading pattern
  • going full screen

Right-click menu available.


These files contain minimal code required for their functionality, so you can easily use them in your other projects.
One big bonus file
contains the code for aligning elements, created in pure OOP . So if you like Object Oriented Programming, you can use this small class, called Align. It is very easy to use, just call it like this: Align.toCenter(mcName)
There are also another four separate actionScript files for loading external asset right on start so , depending on your needs, you can use either of these files,and it will load required asset right on start , without requiring the press of a button. :)

This file aligns elements in all corners of the stage , it has a true full screen , option , jumping from browser chrome to full-screen over the whole monitor! With right click, or with a simple button.Check out the context menu, on right click , you can go to full screen or normal mode. Or you can use a simple button on the stage to do that.

  • Resizes and loads the picture across the stage
  • Resizes and loads external SWF across the stage
  • Generates and resizes tilled background across the stage.
  • Aligns all the elements.

- Code is very well commented

This file is great for portfolio sites, picture or video galleries, to go fullscreen , or you can use it here on flashDen.net for your own previews!

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full screen video background wordpress blog integration

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