Full Screen video background template as3 version

Full Screen video background template as3 version - ActiveDen Item for Sale

version update: 4.2

  • Added “skip intro” button , so the user can skip the videos and go to specific url. Text for the button, target url, and position of the button is controlled externally via xml
  • Added option to loop the list indefinitely or to loop just one file. This option is controlled externally via xml file.
  • path to the xml file is set externally. So you can change the xml file depending on which Wordpress page you are on.
  • Option to open external url address when all the videos in the list are finished playing (list can’t be in random mode).

This file is perfect to be used in:

  • Plain HTML websites
  • Wordpress templates or any other publishing platforms or CMS
  • Flash files and templates based on ActionScript 3
  • Supports FLV and H.264 encoded videos including MP4 , M4V , M4A , MOV , Mp4v, F4V

Latest examples of HTML and Flash implementations: http://womens.timberland.com/ http://www.hannathemovie.com/ http://www.rinasvet.com/ http://www.moravidan.co.il/ http://www.miikesnow.co.uk/ http://www.carlcox.com/

Wordpress implementation demo and tutorial
External JavaScript implementation demo

full screen video background wordpress blog integration

full screen youtube.com video background wordpress blog integration

full screen image and flash slideshow background


This file is constructed so that you can build your web site ( template or portfolio) by building upon this file. This is a full screen video background , with video play list , it cycles through video backgrounds in sequence or in random mode. Everything is set through xml.

  1. Video is loaded on the first layer in the file , everything else goes above the video layer, so all your graphics will show above the video.
  2. Video is a progressive flash video, that means it’s dynamically loaded from the server.
  3. Video is hidden on the start , until 5 seconds of the video are loaded, then we fade IN the video .
  4. You can change the number of seconds for the video to wait to be loaded, before playing.
  5. All elements on the stage are dynamically positioned on , and they reposition themselves every time the stage is resized.
  6. Progress and loading bars can be hidden via XML file.
  7. Full screen button can be hidden via XML file
  8. Video is always resized proportionally so it will never be distorted, and it will fill in the whole screen
  9. -There are two bars at the bottom red bar indicates how much of the video is loaded , and stage width represents complete video , even when the stage is resized , red bar will always indicate how much of the video is loaded , proportionally to the stage width.
    Colors for the bars can be changed externally via xml.
  10. There are nine (9) different patterns available for use. You can also choose not to use any patterns
  11. Some of the player functionality can be controlled externally via JavaScript

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