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For The NEWST VERSION PLEASE CONTACT So I will provide the Sources Thank you!

2 Templates in one

Main Features:

• Full XML edit

• FullScreen Resizable

• Gallery XML

• Menu XML buttons


• Dinamic main categories content

• Unlimited color types

• Setup very easy and efficent

• Preloader included

• Twitter bird included

Home Section

Unlimited categories with pictures and text available from xml. In each category it will open unlimited subcategories buttons with extra style functions from xml

Main Menu Section

Unlimited Buttons can be added simply from the XML and also it’s color style Roll Over , Roll Out It is simply to configure it as the type of section you want to be for your project. For example if you set it to “carousel” it will generate a carousel 3d if you set it to ” home ” it will generate the home categories if you set it to “html_page” it will load a html page Set it to “comments” and you have your comments page And if you set it to “contact” it will set a contact page


Now you can easly edit the content straight from HML

Simply add text and images with color and text styles

3D Carousel Gallery

unlimited number of items inside

2 FUNCTIONS – submenu Button -fotogallery

If you set it to “html_page” it will load a separe HTML PAGE INSIDE

If you set it to “fullscreen” it will go fullscreen and load your image

Thumb images have also functions :

if you set it to “photo” type it will load an extra white border for your images