Fullscreen Flash Advanced - ActiveDen Item for Sale

Hey Everyone!

I proudly present this Fullscreen advanced flash file! It cost me quite allot of work but I think the result is very cool and will be of use for many of you. I listed a couple of special features of this fullscreen I think are making this file very special:

  • First of all it is fullscreen flash.
  • The content centers with a very nice ease
  • It has a Scrollbar wich also rezises!!
  • You can handle the scroll by; – dragging the button – clicking on the scrollbar – even bij your MOUSEWHEEL ! how awesome is that!
  • There is a sticky which is alway in the left bottom courner, no matter what size you browser is
  • When the sticky hits the content it gets transparant so it wont cover the content (could be used to place a mp3player for example
  • of course it already has an fullscreen preloader.
  • The drawings I made myself and are free to use, if you like :-)
  • It is all-browser compatible
  • And there is enough comment inside the code to let you know what is what.

If you have any questions about the fullscreen flash file, mail me at mennorichardson@gmail.com