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Fullscreen FLV Video Player [XML] (FJTV v2.0)

Fullscreen FLV Video Player [XML] (FJTV v2.0)

Fullscreen FLV Video Player [XML] (FJTV v2.0)

This is version 2 of my fullscreen video player with a new design, extra features and reworked coding.

Supports FLV files in 4:3 and 16:9 ratio.

Unlimited Videos


3 Scale modes, 2 of which are proportional scaling:

Change one variable in the AS to choose one of the three scale modes(the buttons do not appear in the main file but are in the library if u wish to use them)

Scale Mode 1. Fit To Screen – The videos proportions/aspect ratio are not kept and the video is resized to fit exactly in the browser window.

Scale Mode 2. Show Full Video – The video proportionally scales when resizing in a way that the full video is always showing, however this means that at times the full window isnt being covered by the video

Scale Mode 3. Fill Screen – The video proportionally scales when resizing in a way that the screen is always filled with video content in its correct ratio but at times the top&bottom or laft*right of the video may be cropped.

Modes 2 and 3 support 4:3 and 16:9 Ratios. Everything is explained in the code comments and the help file.

Dynamic Playlist with thumbnails


Now Playing pop-up

Volume Control

Playhead with ‘seek bar’ and running time

Info Window:

Info window shows the video title, the video description (including scroller if its required) and a URL button. All XML driven.

Minimum Window Size:

If the window is resized below 600×400 then a message is displayed asking the user to enlarge the window, the parameters for this can be changed in the AS as explained in the help file. This feature can also be disabled.


Logo watermark anchored to the top right, you can easily change this in flash

All standard Video Playback Features


Thanks to XDOZEX for providing videos for this file, the files are not available in the download pack but can be found in his portfolio.

Light Sweep
Bent Lines
Curtains Background
Light Background
Website Background 1

As always, help and support is available but PLEASE read the help file before getting in touch, as it should be able to help you.

Any comments and queries are welcome



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