Fullscreen Scaled Background Image Rotator

UPDATES 12 Nov 09

  • can change the background images from javascript.
  • noScale feature
  • randomOrder feature

Resize image proportional to your browser window

This is an fullscreen flash background image rotator tool. you can use this flash tool with xml file or Comma Separated image path.
– can use this tool as your html page background. set images from xml or comma separated image paths string.
- can use in your flash project. Drag and drop MovieClip to your stage and initialize, or create instance of BackgroundImage class.

  • can rotate multiple images or only one image
  • Can load PNG ,JPG,GIF images
  • Resizable to any sizes
  • Proportional scale fullscreen background images
  • Transition time and transition type changable from xml
  • Scaled image Horizontal Align(“left”,”right”,”center”) and Vertical Align(“top”,”bottom”,”middle”) setting from xml
  • On resize image scale to fill your browser window

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