Fullscreen Sound Bit Background And Image

Fullscreen Sound Bit Background And Image; live full screen Visualizer with the ability making hundreds of graphics shape base on Api graphic class ,in a few XML parameters change you can make some cool abstract shapes dancing to the sound of bit.
No use of bitmap or heavy filters like glow filter`s keep this with minimum CPU resource as possible.
The file will load 1 image or swf and 1 track all are fully stage re-size,background blending mode and over + 30

*You can reduce / increases the amount of shape`s in numbers on stage, control the shape size via XML and more.

Setting Xml

  • image add -yes/no with 2 aligns stage option
  • loop -yes/no
  • volume set
  • shapeMethod 7 option on stage
  • addRandomMove-yes/no
  • scaleByte Visualizer-number
  • shape sizeW/H -number
  • cornersAmount-number
  • abstractCornerW/H-number
  • 2 gradient color`s
  • blendMode_add-yes/no
  • blendType-all option available
  • shape opacity
  • There’s much more….
  • Music Credit