Fullscreen Template V.1

Fullscreen Template V.1

Fullscreen template that has everything to get you started.

Everything is set. This template is ready, and all you have to do is create an external swf file with what you want to show. The pages under the menu are only examples…

- AS2, and both Flash 8 and CS3 are included.


– Site is viewed at 100% X 100%
– Option to go fullscreen on the top-right corner

Advanced header/footer
– website settings on top
– copyright/info on bottom

External Swf
– All pages under menu are external making it very easy to customize and dont have to load in the beginning.

Page is always centered
– Because its fullscreen, the page will always be in the middle.

Tiled Background
– 3 Different tiles
– Tile menu on top-right of page
– gradient on background (darker edges)

– Controlled in top-right corner of page
– Ease-in/ease-out functions

Right-Click Menu
– Access to menu
– Access to fullscreen

Browser Size Listener
– When window size is smaller than required, window will come up and alert the user.

Advanced menu – Current menu button is disabled, so the user knows what menu is current and does not have to load twice.