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Fun Sentence Randomizer

Fun Sentence Randomizer

1. Introduction:

Ever played the paper game in which you and your mates write different parts of a sentence, fold it after each player, then in the end unfold it and read the whole sentence? It turns out to be funny and absurd as everybody wrote different things and it was completely random! This little but powerful app simulates this event. I haven’t seen anything like this here yet.

Imagine these sentences! ;)

2. Features:

  • Fun!
  • Generates totally random sentences without even lifting your finger
  • Virtually endless possibilities
  • Various lengths, ranging anywhere from a few words to a multiline complex sentence
  • You can have full control over it or you can just leave it at random.. or between!
  • Customizable (AS file) without even looking at the core code or opening the .FLA
  • Due to it’s diversity you may not even see the line between the patterns and the words
  • Most of the time the sentence is meaningful
  • Takes into account the number and gender of the subjective(s) and tense of the sentence too
  • Not just the words are random, the parts too (!)
  • Automatic generation at specific intervals
  • History function: go back and forward or display all
  • Copy what you see from the right click menu
  • Customization panel to see the different types of different parts
  • An animated menu bar to show you in action what it’s capable of
  • Well commented script, detailed documentation, full english and hungarian support

3. Can be useful for:

  • You want to make your visitors smile? This will do the trick.
  • Anywhere on a webiste which needs a little revamp, a piece of fun, a toy
  • A scenario when the user can play with or watch till she/he is waiting for something: while loading content like a video on slow connections, or waiting in a queue, waiting for connection establishment, etc…
  • Would you play with this when downloading from a free file hosting service? If there is a line or you have to wait x seconds, this would be great.
  • In place of the boring “Who’s name day is today?”
  • If you set up more tenses and simplify a bit it can be injected into a language learning program generating random examples for the specified tense
  • As a fun little game, which you can include on your site!
  • If you get the general concept and idea behind this app and understand the code you can move forward and create a short-story, fun fake short news or even a random tale telling app!
  • Have a general idea how does the building of randomized (and most of the time) meaningful sentences work.
  • Tools menu design, and the self-made icons, plus you can see how to do the easing animations with actionscript, and one by classic tweening.

4. Customization capabilities:

  • There are a number settings external .as file you can set to your liking
  • You will find settings for every part of the sentence, choose what type of parts should it be using
  • For example: you want to have only 1 person as a subjective, you want future tense, and want to leave out the location from the sentence and keep everything else random. You can do this easily. There is multiple options for the subjective and you might want to use just a few switches but not all, say a girl name or a boy name or an animal, but nothing more. You set these three and it will randomly choose 1 everytime. So it’s very versatile.
  • You can add or remove words of course if you want to include your own names, places or whatever you want.
  • If you might find it too long just turn off the parts and start experimenting how complex would you let your sentences be! And you don’t have to edit the core script at all, however it’s commented well.
  • Localization: The english to be verb is in the AS file as well. (So you don’t have to search through the code..) If you have a language that is somehow similar to the english you can try to localize the app and inform me if you did!
  • You can set the colors of the menu icons from the AS file
  • The functions work without the buttons so you can delete everything and it will still work if you fire the needed functions from a script or by your own buttons

5. Settings panel descriptions:

They are broken down into groups (colors). This means that those are linked to the state of the first one: if you set the “who” to only contain humans then setting the “animal” is pointless.

One thing to understand here that those are not exact words, just patterns. For example you set rabbit in the animal dropdown, and then you see bear. It’s normal because you set it so It’s only an animal name (any kind of animal), not just a rabbit.

The rest of the description can be found in the documentation!

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