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Attention before purchase: We no longer provide support for flash files.


Galleria is an XML Driven Flash Template with Deeplinking, geared towards the creative professional. Update all of your content via xml including, images, text, logo, footer, mp3 tracks, FLV Video, Youtube Video, Navigation color and so on. Modular, load all of your apps via xml. Set your intro app via xml, see the previews, it can be anything you want.


Deeplinking enables you to target specific sections of your website, send links via email or instant messenger, find specific content with the major search engines, utilize browser history, reload buttons and bookmark in a browser. You can also target sections of your website in the slideshows, just use your deeplink url. This templates deeplinking is 2 tier meaning it allows you to deeplink to both main navigation and sub navigation pages.

XML Accordian Navigation

Add all of your main navigation and sub navigation buttons via xml
Set all your url links and external pages in the xml
Set the audio track to turn on or off in xml for each section
Set the audio to on or off on start in xml
Set your navigation color in the xml

XML Galleries

All of the galleries are multi media enabled. Meaning you can display images, swf’s, flv videos and youtube videos.


As with the galleries the slideshows are multi media enabled. You can display images, swf’s, flv video and youtube videos. Set your banner width and height in the xml, the videos will resize to your banner dimensions.

Single Video Player

Individual video players are also included. Place anywhere on your site to show a demo reel, or use for any video content you like.

Single Youtube Player

Place anywhere on your site to show a demo reel, or use for any video content you like. The youtube player includes HD quality playback toggle.

XML MP3 Player with playlist and shuffle option

Update your tracks in the xml. Add as many tracks you like. Includes a shuffle toggle. You can also set the player to shuffle the tracks on start, or play sequentially.

XML PHP Contact Form

Includes an xml/php contact form. Edit all your company info and department email addresses in xml. Then just upload to your webserver. You can add as many email addresses as you like.

404 File Not Found Page

Having your own custom 404 page can help keep visitors on your website, because you can brand the page with your logo and content, and provide a clear link back to your website. The page is very easy to implement, in many cases all you have to do is upload the page to your webserver.

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