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At the top of the application, you can select to see only the projects of a certain type of content. For example, if you want to see the projects containing PHOTOS and VIDEOS, make sure you have only these two marked.

You can add as many categories to be sorted as you wish. I added only WEB,PRINT,VIDEO,IDENTITY and PHOTO.

Once you selected the type of files you want to see, you can choose between the projects that apply to that rule. For example, if you only have PHOTO selected, you will see the projects “Title 11” and “Title 12”. These are the only projects that are included in the PHOTO category too. You can see a project can be part of more types (for example you have a project containing WEB, PHOTOS and PRINT at the same time).

Choosing any of the two will bring you to a display gallery. Here you can view the project website, and all images associated with that project. You can add a description to each image, and also navigate to the next project containing only the type of content you first choose. (in our case PHOTOS)

At the bottom you have a button to close the viewer, which will bring you back to the first page where you can change the displayed types again.

When you add more types to the XML, make sure you add no SPACE between the comas. The rest of the XML is pretty self explanatory, so please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.

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