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Glow and Fade xml menu

Glow and Fade xml menu

A super smooth xml menu written in AS3. There is a huge configuration section in the xml file, which lets your change every possible detail. View the full list of options. The font used in the preview is included.


  • Every imaginable option configurable by xml
  • Change one option in the xml to make it horizontal
  • All button states changeable via xml (not all used in demo)
  • Multiple link options set in the xml
  • Built using the powerful tweenMax tween engine
  • Includes a html embed example
  • Very easy to customise
  • Clean code, help file and lots of comments


  • More link options, html links can now load separate targets
  • New option to disable defualtPage link on initial load
  • Fixed bug with 1st link, when defualtPage is set to 0


The ultimate creative template has been designed from the ground up to be
easy to update, customize and understand. Each section has its own external
xml config file so you can access nearly 300 options without opening Flash!
To put in your own images just upload them, its really that easy to use.