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Glowing Buttons #1

Glowing Buttons #1

Glowing Buttons #1 features a new and unique rollover effect. Of course the menu is completely dynamic and can be customized in numerous ways to create the perfect version for you. Set the content by using an XML file or setting arrays inside the Flash movie itself!

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* Update online (16th of February 2009): added the option to keep a button active after clicking and having a button active when starting the flash movie (e.g. with flashvars)! Also, updated the user manual with some important notes and further explanation on how to use the file. Last but not least added two more previews; (1) a default version; and (2) a preview using flashvars!

* Update online (24th of January 2009): enabled vertical and horizontal alignment, included information in the user manual about internal linkage, dynamic rollover and rollout alpha value of the buttons!


  • Unique rollover effect!
  • Easy customization!
  • Both XML version and non XML version are included!
  • 4 predefined previews included!
  • File size is including embedded font.
Change font properties:
  • Font face;
  • Font size;
  • Set bold and/or italic;
  • Embedding font.
Change alpha, colors and glow:
  • Rollover alpha value;
  • Rollout alpha valuel;
  • Text color;
  • Glow color;
  • Glow amount.
Menu properties:
  • Menu alignment (vertical or horizontal);
  • Vertical alignment (left, center or right);
  • Vertical spacing (the space between the buttons when vertically aligned);
  • Horizontal spacing (the space between the buttons when horizontally aligned).
Active properties:
  • Click Active (enabling or disabling a button staying active after clicking);
  • Active Color (the color of a button when being active);
  • Pre-active (a button being active when starting the movie).
Sound properties:
  • Button rollover sound (sound of the preview is included);
  • Button release sound.

Download file contains

  • XML and a non XML source of the menu;
  • 4 extra preview files in a predefined setting (alternative color, horizontal alignment, default version and using flashvars);
  • SWF preview files;
  • PDF containing a detailed description on how to use the menu;
  • PDF containing Frequently Asked Questions;
  • Sound used for the rollover event in the preview!

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