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Failed to open document. --Error message I am using cs3 mac os beople@naver.com thanks

Sorry you’ll at least need CS4 to open the FLA . On the flip side you don’t need flash to get the file to work. Just edit the XML file.

I really like your work. Any chance of some Wordpress conversions in the future?

I purchased this control, but have one issue that keeps me from actually using it. Is it able to zoom in and out with the browser? I try it and it doesn’t resize properly. Is there something I’m missing, or is this not a feature of this control?

Hello, Great file but just wanted to find out how to make the banner full screen within the browser?

Awesome, Great Job!

Couple of Questions, Can the thumbs bar be placed on the left or right of the Banner Rotator?

Can the thumbs become rollovers and change the banner image?

Is there a way to get it to zoom with the browser? If I zoom way out, it still shows the same size?


The way the file is set up it would require going into the code and setting all the width and heights manually and removing the no_scale setting. So as is no, but it could be tweaked.

This is a very cool tool! Question – Will it hold YouTube videos? Or would it be best to use your other you tube player?

If that is the case, does the you tube player have the same capabilities of moving the controls, adding links etc?

Not sure which one to buy. I would like to use YouTube, so I can measure the views… but want the sleek controls this one offers because it is very intuitive, and not very intrusive.

Your answers are appreciated in advance!


Sorry, no. THe gotham banner will play videos, but not youtube videos. And the replacement player only plays videos (no banner rotator capabilities).

Thanks for the reply Marc.

Do you do flash work? Meaning, can I hire you to add my videoa and format it so it fits nicely into my website?

This is my site: www.natwallen.com

I would like to fit it nicely into the 666×325 banner and have the player controls blend into the tan area below the banner.

If you want to skype, my skype name is nat.wallen and my number is 843-708-4488

My web company will not do the flash work, but will insert the file. If you can do it that would be great! If sot, can you point me in the right direction?

I’ve purchased several of your files and they are all fantastic. Love your sense of style, design, and creative functionality. I’m getting more experienced using the files but I do have one question. With regard to the banner_rotator.html file, which setting i this linked to – settings.xml or settings1.xml? Also, can I connect the other xml files to this html file? I’ve embedded the this file into my site using an iframe. It works great and I would love to be able to change to the other settings if possible. Thanks,


The swf file is set up to load a default xml file. In the banner_rotator.html case it’s “settings.xml”. You can of course set the xml to a different one or in a different location by passing the flash var “xml_file” and setting the path to whatever XML file you want to use. Let me know if you need any more help. thanks!


Thanks for your quick response. Really appreciate it. I think if this requires working with the swf file it may be above my current skill level. It gives me reason to learn some more! I’ll see what I can make work otherwise I will work with it as you instruct. Still love your work – and you have a great eye for just the right sample pics and videos to get my attention… thanks again.

Hello this slider support autoplay video? If yes, before buy can you show me please just one simple example running of : slides(autoplay) – onevimeo(autoplay) – othervimeo(autoplay) – slides(autoplay). I tried using a few sliders but with bad results :( Thanks for a lot.


It doesn’t support Vimeo only local video and the video has to be started by the user. Sorry.