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Grid Gallery for Facebook Fan Page or Wordpress

Grid Gallery for Facebook Fan Page or Wordpress

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You can embed this Flash Grid Gallery in your Facebook fan page or Wordpress blog. The gallery is suitable for your product or photography. The video is support Youtube or Vimeo. The images can be in portrait or landscape.

The step by step tutorial how to embed it in Facebook is included in the source package.


Most of the pictures are from photos8.com

Features include

  • Driven by pure AS3 document class.
  • XML driven content, optional XML location.
  • Self componented, so you can load it to another swf.
  • Resizeable images, support portrait and landscape.
  • Media support image and video, so you can custom it to a image or video gallery.
  • Video support Youtube and Vimeo.
  • Optional grid columns and rows.
  • Sequence loading, the thumbnail will be loaded one by one.
  • Optional tooltip.
  • Optional thumbnail size.
  • Images support many file type: jpg, png, gif and basic swf animation.
  • FAQ , a preloader example, the .as and .fla files are included in the source package.
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