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Hangman Game

Hangman Game

Guess the correct sentence or word by choosing the right letters.

Aimed at high customizability as described in the features below


  • Easily change and position the images
  • Change the letters used on the keys and which letters are excluded (like comma’s and dots)
  • Add custom code to “win game” and “lose game” events
  • Select XML and words file by path specified inside HTML
  • Specify the amount of “correct” and “wrong” guesses before winning or losing the game (also possible to make automatic)
  • Hangman graphic is a sequence of images, but also supports SWF animations

    Editable in XML

  • Path to sounds
  • Path to images
  • Button spacing, buttons per row
  • Letterbox spacing
  • Keys used on the keyboard
  • Keys that are excluded (comma’s and dots etc.)
  • Amount of correct guesses to win
  • Amount of wrong guesses to lose
  • Randomize the word list
  • Positionings of all elements
  • Language used in the text fields
  • Text fields: font, color, size, bold or italic
  • References to images
  • by