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Hangman Puzzle Game Multi-Language XML

Hangman Puzzle Game Multi-Language XML


This hangman puzzle game is one of the best of its kind. It allows to create hangman puzzles in hundreds of languages including Chinese, English, Spanish, German, Hebrew, Arabic, French, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, Russian… This component can be used in the classroom.

Various puzzles can be presented to the player to choose from. Puzzles can be categorized in any way like into “English”,”German” and “Hebrew” (as you can see in the example). If desired a game can be saved at any point and be resumed at a different time (however this can be turned off).The welcome screen can be suppressed (like in the preview).

The component is freely resizable and XML driven. A puzzle can be easily defined in a XML file. This puzzle XML file allows to set
  • the underlying alphabet
  • an unlimited number of words/phrases/quotes
  • the color for highlighting solutions
  • if the text direction is right-to-left or left-to-right
  • a time limit for solving the puzzle(s) if desired
  • if the player’s results should be stored in your database (it is saved to the database: player’s email, date of play, score, time, number of solved letters, id of the puzzle played)
  • the importance the time should have in the score
  • if the game should be in “exam” or “regular” mode (in exam mode the “hint” functionality is disabled)
  • If you provide e.g. 100 quotes you can say that only 10 should be randomly selected and being played (this way it is possible to have every time different words/quotes to find).
  • You can set the number of guesses the player can fail.

There is a PHP / MySQL back-end included to store the player’s results in a database. FlashVars are supported to set the puzzle collection XML file location in the HTML file. The welcome screen can be easily changed by replacing the black star and the ornaments with your logo and company slogan e.g.

Everything is well documented. All updates are free for buyers. Please rate this component. Enjoy!


The audio files are from the “Free Sound Project” (www.freesound.org)