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Highway Racing Mobile

Highway Racing Mobile

Frequently Asked Questions

well commented Unity Project is included in this package, The Starter Game-Kit is tested on Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.0, LG – NEXUS 4, LG – E400 and SONY XPERIA U, There is no lag at all on play and the game run smooth, completely optimized for devices.

Tested on Android Devices:
- SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab 8.0
- LG Nexus 4
- LG E-400 [Android 2.3.6]

The game automatically remove the generated platforms to reduce the System Resources usage (such as memory, storage, GPU and CPU), so the game is wonderfully optimized and running fast and smooth on devices. (BUY and learn about the idea behind the game and how it will manage memory, for running faster on devices)

Screenplay on Devices:
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0:

LG Nexus 4:

LG E-400:

This game is designed to simply customized by your ideas.

New Features:
- You can use 2 or more Gem Generator to spawn more gems.
- You can add 2 or more Car Generator for more terrafic.
- You can add 2 or more Jump Generator for more jump pads.

- All of the meshes can be replaced easily in just one drag and drop you just need to add/Remove from each component array.

- Jump Pads:

- Gem Generator:

- Map Maker: you can easily customize from road to jungle or etc.

-Each collectable item can have individual catch SCORE and catch sound and the cars can have random body color or not.

... and more features are available.

- Road Generator (fully customizable)
- Gem Generator (fully customizable)
- Car / AI / Block Generator (fully customizable)
- Jump Pad Generator (fully customizable)
- Pause
- Menu
- GameOver
- Coin Genrator (fully customizable) simple to change score of each gem or coin
- Explode Particle and screen effect (fully customizable)
- Scene Music
- Coin Catch Custom SFX
- and many more feature.

- The scripts are in c# and well commented so you can easily modify the game features.