This is a honeycomb style loading animation. Many of the aspects can be easily customized, including the hexagon color, the background color, and the spotlight intensity. You can also set the animation to skip if the movie is cached, and hide the percentage number in the last hexagon.

The loading animation is drag-and-drop. Everything is 100% vector, so you can rotate and resize the movie clip however you want. The animation will even stop and start the main timeline by itself. Just drop it into the first frame and you are ready to go.

All of the options don’t weight down the size of your movie; the compiled animation is less than 8kb.

There is an instructional PDF included, and the Actionscript is well commented.

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  • 1x Instructional PDF
  • 1x FLA File
  • FLA Version: Flash 8
  • Actionscript Version: AS2

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