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Horizontally scrollable image navigation

Horizontally scrollable image navigation

An easy to modify tool for your navigation that is xml driven and customizable from xml. You can customize

1. images from xml

2. link to external pages

3. description on the image displayed

4. the width of the control from code in fla file

5. code at one place i.e. in action layer

6. 5 movieclips for top buttons

7. and other 6 movieclips for loading images with the default image show

8. label background black transparent is dynamically resized based on the text

9. image sizes are 550×58

10. after setting the width for each image in the file we can move it according to its position

11. code reads each node to be loaded and events are written for each node separately

12. I have applied masking to the complete control so that it will not disturb the other part of the file

13. the code is fully descriptive for each part of code

14. the structure of xml is very simple for e.g. <root> <default img=”def.jpg” desc=”this is the default page you are seeing”></default>

15. Here no need of creating an array from the xml as we are taking five buttons as static on the stage

16. And for each button we are referring the xml to be called each time

dynamic slider menu with text description on image from xml