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Pixel Buttons


1. Open the “PIXEL BUTTONS.fla” file.
2. Double Click the main movie clip.
3. Select the Cursor tool(v) and click and drag over the button you want to import into your existing project.

Note: Make sure that the “Bg Gloss” Layer & the “bg” Layer are locked so that you only highlight the text, icon & divider for each button.

4. Once selected, copy and paste the items into your new or existing Flash File.

The Pixel Font

1. You do not need to install any new fonts.
2. The file comes with 18 buttons and the fonts for each buttons have been broken apart twice(CNTRL B) & grouped(CNTRL G).
3. In your new or existing file, select “View” from Flash’s main menu options at the top of the screen.
4. Go View -> Snapping -> Pixels.
5. Also, Go View -> Snapping -> Grid.

Note: You do this because the design was created to display pixel perfect icons & the 8px font for each button.

How do I add links in Action Script?

1. Open the Actions Panel (F9) or go Window -> Actions. 2. Change out the existing URL by selecting a button and changing out the existing url with your own link address.

e.g. Change code: getURL(“http://activeden.net/user/Flash_cart”, “_self”, “GET”); to the following code:

getURL(“http://yoursite.net”, “_self”, “GET”);

How do I switch between pop-ups & same page links?

1. Change the “_self” to “_blank”.

How do I link the button to the timeline?

1. Change code: getURL(“http://activeden.net/user/Flash_cart”, “_self”, “GET”); to the following code:

e.g. gotoAndPlay(“framename”);

Note: If you do the named frames approach, you must specify a frame name on the timeline in the same layer this button is located.

If you want to link to a frame name on two layers above, you must use other methods, I will not be covering for the sake of time.

How do I make the button trigger a movie clip?

1. Change code: getURL(“http://activeden.net/user/Flash_cart”, “_self”, “GET”); to the following code:

e.g. clipName.gotoAndPlay(1);

Meaning: When this button is pressed, I want it to play the movie clip with an instance name “clipName”.

2. Create a movie clip. (Select the shape tool. Draw a shape. Right click on it. Name it & select “Movie Clip”.
3. Highlight your new or exisitng movie clip, and open the properties panel. (CNTRL + F3)
4. Locate the input area which contains the words “instance name” and enter the name of your movie clip.
5. Now, open the “clipName” movie clip by double clicking it.
6. Create a new layer by selecting the “folder with a plus symbol on it” from the left side of the timeline.
7. Go down about 10 frames & insert a keyframe on this new layer by right clicking on the timeline and selecting “insert Keyframe”.

Note: Write the following code in that keyframe: stop();

8. On the layer with your shape, go down to the same keyframe & insert another keyframe on this layer.
9. Now, delete the first frame in the layer with the shape on it.
10. Test your flash movie by hitting (CNTRL + ENTER) and click the button.

If you did everything correctly, it should send the “clipName” movie clip back to play frame one.

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