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IgalleryX: Advanced Media Gallery

IgalleryX: Advanced Media Gallery

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UPDATE 21/10/09 :

  • Add XML parameter useLongDescription: set false if you don’t want to use long description
  • Add XML parameter useInstructionPane: set false if you don’t want to use the instruction pop up menu
  • Add XML parameter customBackground: add custom background, this the source image
  • Fix left / right button of horizontal scroller, the gallery now scrolls through each of item

UPDATE 12/10/09 :

  • A new Loader.fla is included in the package which contains sample code to load the gallery with some small improvement.

UPDATE 3/10/09 :

  • Bug fix for wrong short description display and transparent reflection

UPDATE 20/8/09 :

  • 2 new XML parameters: controlDistanceFromCenter and useCategory
  • The download package now includes a Loader.fla file which shows you how to load the gallery inside another project

UPDATE 14/8/09 : Bug fix for startFromCenter and video dimension parameter in XML.

IgalleryX: Advanced Media Gallery is the most advanced version in IgalleryX photo stack series. Photo Stack displays item in real 3D where items are arranged in cover flow style. Tons of new features have been added and a lot of variations have been implemented inside XML so user can directly customize without opening Flash. This version introduces advanced interactive feature which is an interesting new feature that allow user to navigate between items by moving mouse in four directions.

Key Features:

  • Completely XML driven
  • CSS styling
  • Support multiple categories
  • Support many media type: Photo (JPG, PNG, GIF), MP3, SWF, Video
  • Support mass item (in the preview there are 50 items can be displayed at the same time)
  • Support many custom styles which can be customized by configuration parameters.
  • Advanced interactive feature
  • Support transparent item
  • Full browser and full screen support
  • Lite MP3 Player with custom color sound spectrum visualization from XML
  • Lite Video player with custom parameter: video width, video height, buffering time.
  • Advanced short description textfield with full CSS supported
  • Advanced long description field with text scroller and fading gradient
  • Option to disable thumbnail scroller to navigate by dragging mouse
  • Auto slideshow feature
  • FlashVar support with dynamic XML path name
  • High performance with optimized CPU usage
  • Source code provided and highly commented


Thanks Hedley flashato UNVI for awesome preview video used in this file.

Thanks soundroll for nice music loop used in this file.